How to Add or Change Login Screen Name In AOL Mail?

Your AOL username is your remarkable personality on the web which permits you to approach administrations like AOL Mail. In the event that you have an AOL email address, the initial segment of your email address (previously @) is considered your username, in any case, for those having a non-AOL email address, the whole email address is considered as the username.

As an AOL account client, you can make up to seven diverse usernames for your single account. Notwithstanding, this relies on the arrangement and account type you have chosen. Along these lines, in the event that you wish to add or change AOL Mail Login Screen Name when you send them mail utilizing your AOL Mail account.

8 Steps to Add AOL Mail Login Screen Name

1.) Launch an internet browser on your computer and go to the AOL Mail sign-in page.
2.) Enter your username and secret key in the gave field to gain admittance to your AOL Mail account.
3.) Once your AOL Mail account gets opened in your internet browser, click on the Options button situated on the upper right-hand side corner of your account's page, simply over your mailbox. This will open a drop-down menu on your screen.
4.) From the drop-down menu that shows up on your screen, click on the Mail Settings choice.
5.) Next, click on the Compose alternative situated on the left-hand sideboard.
6.) Then, you should look down and go to the Display Name choice.
7.) In the content box close to the Display Name alternative, enter the name that you wish to show to the beneficiary of your emails.
8.) Once you are finished entering the ideal name under the Display Name text field, click on the Save Changes button situated on the lower-right corner of your screen.

Presently the in the future you will send an email to anybody, the individual will see your new name in the email alongside your email address